Uhuru will win election by 51.7% votes against Raila’s 39% – survey

. President Uhuru Kenyatta would be re-elected with 51 per cent of votes if the general elections were held today, a survey has found. African Electoral Observation Group, which conducted the survey, said voter turnout will rise to 89 per cent, three per cent higher than in 2013. "The August election is almost decided with [...]


Are You an Optimist, Pessimist, or a Depressive Realist?

Some psychologists believe that people with depression possess the ability, in some situations, to perceive reality far better than their non-depressed counterparts. This controversial concept is called depressive realism.

In essence, this theory proposes that the typical non-depressed person uses happy illusions to maintain their self esteem and get through the day. In comparison, the individual having mild to moderate depression is reported to have a more realistic perspective of his or her image as well as in interpreting information from the external world. Some caution though, not  all happy people are necessarily delusional nor does it mean that people with depression are not sometimes distorted in their thinking.

Author Christopher Putnam, in his article entitled, “The Total Perspective Vortex” explains: “Perhaps the reason we are so eager to reject any departure from this fiction we call “normality” is because we have grown dependent on our comfortable delusions; without them…

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Quantum Theory (notes 2)

Quantum Mechanics


It took a while, but I have now read Susskind’s Quantum Mechanics: The Theoretical Minimum. 346 pages of mathematics. But not mathematics you’d recognise (unless you’re a physicist, I suppose). According to Susskind, we don’t have the sensory apparatus to sense quantum mechanical effects (in the way we obviously do have the senses for the classical mechanical world which is all around us), so abstract mathematics takes the place of the senses needed. I get this. The maths presented in the book is a journey to understanding, and the mathematical language that developed for Quantum Mechanics was forged to be fit for purpose; abbreviations and short-hand formulations were constantly being invented to simplify the appearance of the maths, and to make it easier to manipulate. And always, experimental observations impose the constraints on the maths needed to describe the reality. Out of this framework the understanding emerges. But very slowly…

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Sexual Intercourse In Heaven

Im ashamed to die until i have won some victory for humanity.(Horace Mann)

Heaven would not be heaven unless one could continue to partake in all the enjoyments and pleasures of life after the death of the physical body. This includes marriage and sexual intercourse.

To grasp this we have to take into account that heaven is not in time and space. Therefore, if individuals are enjoying life in the spiritual world, without a physical body, they must have spiritual bodies. Without the appropriate organic form, pleasure has no substantive subject by which it can really exist.

However, since spiritual bodies are non-physical, their organic forms, whether we are talking about a penis or vagina, can only be understood as the embodiment of the qualities of one’s heart and mind (which is one’s true spirit).

All spiritual bio-complexity consists of one’s true inner reality given real substantive and non-physical organic form. In other words, in the spiritual world non-material organs are generated out…

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In the Year 2525 – Physics-ology

Ariaa Jaeger

(Reposted from Huffington Post by Ariaa Jaeger )


There is a modality so foreign to human beings that it is rarely written about or discussed and yet it is the definitive technology of the future. It does not need lithium batteries, it does not require remote control, you do not have to eat, drink or take it in pill form and it does not have a caloric value. It is not the stuff of fantasy but is rooted in science.

The future will be created with this technology and every new invention that furthers the progress of humanity will be born from it. It will not be contained, owned or controlled by greed mongers, politicians or burglars and it is not a commodity which will be traded for profit. There will be a host of studies on those who wield it with expertise and the greatest minds in the world…

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Love and the Quantum Physicist

Im ashamed to die until i have won some victory for humanity.(Horace Mann)

There once was a physicist named Phil who loved to contemplate on the significance of the discoveries made in quantum physics concerning fundamental reality. Phil had always concerned himself with fundamental issues but he felt he now needed to form some conclusion on the matter.

Quantum physics told him that there exists a level of reality removed from spacetime, energy and matter, yet had a real causal effect on the spatio-temporal arena. On the one hand, a quantum state consisted of “tendencies to exist.” On the other hand, these potentials always acted in a holistic manner—showing that all action comes in wholes and even pointed to the intrinsic wholeness of reality whereby everything is non-locally interconnected immediately.

Phil wondered if this unifying endeavor by which everything is simultaneously connected was a new kind of substance—a primal formative substance.

Suddenly an angel appeared in Phil’s office. “I suspect you will not…

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